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What Does Physical Therapy Treatment for Acute Concussion and PCS Look Like?

Physical therapy for concussion management is multifaceted. Once we have identified which systems in your brain are involved, we can begin care. Treatment is broken down into different modalities that will be used to help your brain heal and eliminate the symptoms that you are experiencing. At Snow Sport and Spine we tailor each patient's treatment to address their specific physical, emotional, and cognitive impairments. Our treatment focuses on the brain, its neural pathways, soft tissues, and blood flow which play a critical role in the development of concussion symptoms. Our approach addresses these symptoms from multiple angles, resolving trauma patterns and improving neuronal speed, efficiency, and blood flow helping you feel better and heal.

We use the following therapies to help you reach your goals

Head Massage

Manual Therapy


Education and Problem Solving

Accommodations for Work and School

We often get questions regarding return to school and work after a concussion. It is recommended that after the injury the person take a break from cognitive activities for a few days. Once the initial rest is complete a gradual return to activities is recommended. This includes school and work activities. Each recovery is different and therefore each return to learn/work program will look different.

return to play.PNG

Return to Learn/Work

Return to Play

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