When you come in, we will do a full evaluation, describe to you what is happening and why. Together, we will come up with an individual treatment plan and start working toward that plan during that first visit. The 3 tools we use most are manual therapy, specific movements, or exercise strategies to change the movement patterns that caused the problem; and real education about what you can change to stack the deck in your favor. Occasionally there are findings that require further referral for imaging or consultation with other providers. We will know with in the first several visits if that is the path you need to take and work as a team to provide you the best care possible.

We know questions and confusion can come up after your appointments. We will give you our individual email addresses and encourage you to reach out to us between your scheduled appointments to answer any questions and clarify treatment plan directions.

1. Pain Science Education-

We help you understand why you have pain and what your pain is trying to tell you.

2. Nervous System Balance-

We help you understand your nervous system state, i.e. fight/flight vs. relaxation, and how you can use this balance to help you control pain and heal.

3. Activity Modification-

We help you understand how certain activities and life style behaviors have impacted your body and how to adjust your movement to help you find comfort.

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