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This information explains how you can find out whether you can get insurance reimbursement for physical therapy services, but is not a guarantee of reimbursement to you.

How to Find Out If Your Insurance Covers Physical Therapy With Us

If you have health insurance, you might be able to get reimbursed for what you spend on your physical therapy care with us. We do not work with Medicare or its supplemental but will work with secondary insurance if you have Medicare. Every insurance policy is different, so the first step is finding out what your insurance benefits are for physical therapy.

Getting Started – Contact Your Health Insurance Company

Call the toll free customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Select the option that allows you to speak to a customer service rep, not an automated attendant.

Ask the customer service rep if you have out-of-network benefits for physical therapy. (We are considered an out-of-network provider by all insurance companies).

If they say "NO"

This means your insurance will not reimburse you for your physical therapy with us. This does not mean you can't have physical therapy; it just means your insurance will not reimburse you for what you spend for physical therapy at our office. If you have coverage for in-network physical therapy, to get reimbursement you would need to go to a provider in your insurance company's network. Ask your insurance company who those providers are in your area and what your co-pay is and what your co-insurance rate is for physical therapy services. Often, our fees are lower than what you pay out-of-pocket for physical therapy at an in-network provider. See how our fees compare to what you might pay at other providers.

If they say "YES", ask your customer service rep these questions:

What is my out-of-network deductible and how much has already been met?

This is the amount you are responsible for paying before the insurance company will start reimbursing you. The amount of your out-of-network deductible varies depending on your insurance policy and is different than your in-network deductible. Your insurance company will apply your claims to the deductible amount before you are eligible to receive reimbursement.

What is the insurance company's “reasonable and customary price” for these procedure codes: 97140, 97110, and 97162?

These are the procedure codes used most often for our physical therapy services. Your reimbursement will be based on your insurance company's reasonable and customary price for the services you receive. The reasonable and customary prices the insurance company gives you will not necessarily match our prices; some may be less and some may be more.

What is the percentage of reimbursement I will get for out-of-network physical therapy?

This is the percentage of the claim the insurance company will reimburse you for. The remaining amount is your "co-insurance" - the amount you are not reimbursed for. For example, a typical reimbursement/insurance ratio is 70/30 - this means the insurance company reimburses you 70 percent of your claim and your share (not reimbursed) is 30 percent. The percentages are applied either to the "reasonable and customary price" or to our fee, whichever amount is less.

Does the insurance company require a special claim form and do I have to fill out a form for each claim?

This is usually on the insurance company’s website but the customer service representative can direct you on where to find the information.

What is the mailing address to submit claims to?

Do I need a physical therapy referral or doctor’s order from my primary care provider?

Do I need to send in a copy of the physical therapy evaluation?

Are copies of the therapy notes required for each claim?

Submitting claims to your insurance company

When you receive physical therapy at our practice, you will pay for the service at the time of your visit and receive a payment receipt. This payment receipt does NOT include the necessary information required by insurance companies for submitting a claim.

The information needed for your claim will be included in paperwork we will provide after your visit. First, your therapist will prepare physical therapy notes with procedure codes for the services you received on that visit. Then, our office will prepare the paperwork which includes the procedure codes and practice information required by insurance companies to process claims, along with a payment history showing the fees you paid out of pocket when the services were provided. These documents will be emailed to you and together, this is the paperwork you submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement.

After you file your claim the insurance company should provide you with an EOB (explanation of benefits). This explains what they intend to pay towards your claim. The EOB is usually issued before any reimbursements are made.

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