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Image by Daniel Álvasd
Erika K.

I wanted to say thank you to both Katie and Trevor for everything you have done for Kris over the years. She is still smart and can see straight thanks to Katie and can run again thanks to Trevor. She hasn’t had any pain in her shins since returning to school and soccer on 8/4. After seeing the school doctor as well as an orthopedic surgeon for X-rays and an MRI as they recommended, their only course of treatment was for her to not do anything and they would get better…well, that didn’t work, and she was getting pretty frustrated. She started to improve after her first appointment with Trevor this spring. By the end of the summer, you had her on track to be able to go back to soccer full force, which she did. With her first regular season game tomorrow, she called me on her way to practice to let me know again how good her legs were feeling. She couldn’t have done it without both of you.

Image by Daniel Álvasd
Tom D.

I've been seeing Katie Snow since 2009.  Katie as therapist sets herself apart from any others, I've visited by being extremely hands-on.  Her specialty is not talk therapy, but truly physical therapy. She pushes and prods and smooths muscles and fascia, finds the places that need work and does the work with dispatch and sure knowledge and surprising hand strength.   The result is that I feel better, not just after a week or two of assigned exercises and stretches, but sometimes immediately as I exit her studio. 

Katie is also a gifted teacher.  I've learned from her a set of stretches and protective moves — to guard my shoulder, for example — each one illustrated by hands-on training, so I learn to feel the muscles that need to be worked and the ones that need not to be enlisted. The shoulder-protective lift was a particular revelation to me: it allows me to function with considerably less risk, and to my surprise, Katie's drills actually caused me to make the moves automatically — she assured me that that would happen. and I doubted, but she was right.   I also learned the strange business of "scraping" fascia from Katie, something I've used to advantage and on occasion managed to teach some of my fellow tennis players the same trick.  She even told me how to fashion my own scraper out of a door hinge.

Image by Daniel Álvasd

Kirsten L.

“[What would you say is unique about Snow Sport & Spine and how we do business?] I would say the level of friendly, personal care—and caring—that you provide. The size of your practice enables a level of intimacy with your patients that seems to help you really understand what their issues are. I don’t feel like a number in a waiting room. And your approach feels less prescribed and more individually tailored. I don’t feel like I’m being assigned exercises out of some textbook somewhere; you listen to you patients and work with them in ways that work best for them and that seem to be helping them the most.

[What stands out?] When Christina is working with me, I feel I am receiving 100% of her focus and that she is sincerely invested in helping me figure out how to move more painlessly and how to help myself. I don’t ever feel like she’s watching the clock or glossing over something I bring up in order to hurry me along. She is always fully present during our appointments, and I am often in awe of how much physical effort she herself has to put into them.

[If you were to recommend us, what would you say?] Go! You aren’t just a number there but are treated warmly and like an individual. And the therapists know so much and are open to trying new things. Christina has really helped me with tricky back issues, and I am so grateful for her efforts.

[What is your favorite part of your experience?] Christina is very hands on, which is comforting in addition to its practical value, and I appreciate her deep knowledge of how the body works. She also makes me feel hopeful about my body, that I’m not completely falling apart already.

[How have we earned you trust?] Through sincerity, openness, caring, and hard work on my behalf. Thank you.

Image by Daniel Álvasd

Sally S.

Katie Snow and Trevor Mills between them have improved the functioning of almost every part of my body since at least 2006 when I was first assigned to Katie at the Camden YMCA for physical therapy to my left knee, injured twisting on a ladder while painting.

Over the next sixteen years, I returned to Katie & Trevor at Snow Sport and Spine frequently as I engaged in--and over-engaged-in-- activities from heavy typing to heavy lifting.

Their work on my body plus an occasional dose of ‘talk therapy’ regarding assigned exercise programs--kept my body operating without surgery to tag crocodiles in the Okavango, to ground-proof steep wildlife trails in the U.S. West and to crouch in the sub-Arctic tundra to count scat and herbivory, among other treasured memories enabled by Katie & Trevor.

Katie’s experience apprenticing in a variety of regions around the USA gave her experience in a range of afflictions, some either more prevalent outside of Maine than within, or addressed by specialists in other states.
Because of Snow Sport and Spine’s holistic approach to the body, I typically ask them to review X-ray results, etc. for items that can be addressed either in addition to or without surgery.

The occasional “guest specialists” that Snow Sport & Spine made accessible to clients offered unique deep background stories and tips to compliment Katie & Trevor’s work. I appreciated an appointment with a specialist in hand therapy, and with a surgical nurse in orthopedics. I can’t even think of a body part not mended through manipulation or an exercise program devised for me by either Katie or Trevor over the years, from head to toes. This includes Katie’s ability to understand and relax frozen jaw muscles most recently, and her timely recommendation of a specialist in pre-surgical exercise.

Give your body a break—take it to Snow Sport & Spine!

Image by Daniel Álvasd

Trisha D.

I would highly recommend Kat, or other needs met by cranio-sacral therapy.

Katie came highly recommended to me by a colleague after sustaining a work-related head trauma. Upon listening to a description of her therapeutic techniques I was wary. I prefer not to be touched, yet surrendered myself onto her with trepidation, since craniosacral therapy is currently one of the best-practice treatment options for concussion remediation. Katie’s professionalism, self-assured touch and approachability quickly put me at ease.

Katie’s ability to listen to her clients, then active involvement in the treatment process are two of her greatest strengths. She is also very committed to furthering her knowledge and broadening her already considerable skills. These innovations, combined with her open-mindedness, enable Katie to find solutions to some complicated treatment(s) of post-concussion clients she shares with neuro-specialists.

Please consider Katie Snow to help alleviate your craniosacral issues. You won’t be disappointed by her services or the pleasant and personable staff she employs.

Image by Daniel Álvasd

Douglas S.

I came to see you last fall because I had major back and knee pain. It had forced me to cancel two outdoor trips that I had been looking forward to for a long time. Additionally, I had never been able to ski comfortably because of a misalignment in my hip. Over the years I had gotten used to dealing with general stiffness and pain. I can’t overstate how discouraged I was.

Your care made a huge difference in my life. The specific stretches and exercises you taught me improved my flexibility, eliminated my back, hip and knee pain, and really made a difference in my outlook. I am now about to leave on a three-week hiking trip. This weekend I skied without any leg pain for the first time ever.

I was struck by the way in which you involved me in every aspect of my treatment. I now have the tools to keep myself in good shape. I have to I was skeptical that anyone could do much for me, but your confidence and positive approach made me want to succeed. Your sense of humor and understanding of human nature make the whole process much easier and enjoyable.

Image by Daniel Álvasd

Sally St.

Having been to Snow Sport and Spine for different bodily issues I can truthfully say these folks know what they are doing. They are very easy to talk to, will listen and get the job done. They are both strong in their fields and have much to offer.

I worked mostly with Trevor who has a most unusual but appealing sense of humor. I like that. It really helps! There was a time I had to go to a funeral in Washington DC and was barely able to walk without a great deal of pain and trepidation. I only had a few weeks before I had to attend, and Trevor gave me what I needed to be able to not only attend the funeral but to be able to sight see as well. He gave me not only physical things to practice on this journey but many mental tools that I needed to utilize. Without his specific kind of offerings, I would most likely have been carted around or just not gone at all.

I have also worked with Katie, and she is terrific in her knowledge and is super nice too.

I feel anyone can benefit from what they have to offer.  Just get up and get there. You will see results.

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